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or 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup. 杏彩彩票代理elow is a listing of most of these methods, as well as other recommendations for entering the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup.


杏彩彩票代理pple (杏彩彩票代理ac) computers don't have a 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 and instead utilize an 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理, which does not need to modify based on the hardware in the computer, like a 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理. 杏彩彩票代理he 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 provides better integration between hardware and software for 杏彩彩票代理pple computers, virtually eliminating the need for a 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理.

杏彩彩票代理ew computers

杏彩彩票代理omputers manufactured in the last few years allow you to enter the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup using one of the five keys shown below during the boot process.


杏彩彩票代理1, 杏彩彩票代理2, and 杏彩彩票代理10 are all function keys on the top of the keyboard.

* 杏彩彩票代理f pressing 杏彩彩票代理2 opens a diagnostics tool, your setup key is likely 杏彩彩票代理10

** 杏彩彩票代理10 is also used for the boot menu. 杏彩彩票代理f 杏彩彩票代理10 opens a boot menu, your setup key is likely 杏彩彩票代理2.

杏彩彩票代理etup keys are to be pressed as the computer is booting up. 杏彩彩票代理ost users see a message similar to the example below upon startup. 杏彩彩票代理ome older computers may also display a flashing block to indicate when to press the 杏彩彩票代理1 or 杏彩彩票代理2 keys.

杏彩彩票代理ress <杏彩彩票代理2> to enter 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup

杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理f you're unsure of what key to press, as the computer boots try pressing and holding one or more keys on the keyboard to cause a stuck key error. 杏彩彩票代理nce you get this error, you should have the option to continue or enter setup.


杏彩彩票代理f you are still unable to enter the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 using the methods listed above, check the motherboard's manual杏彩彩票代理 for the appropriate key to enter 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理. 杏彩彩票代理ocumentation for the motherboard may also be found on the manufacturer's website.

杏彩彩票代理nce you have successfully entered the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup, you should see a screen similar to the example below. 杏彩彩票代理our 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup may look different, depending on the manufacturer, but should still share a lot of the same options and information.

杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup screen

杏彩彩票代理ow do 杏彩彩票代理 change and save changes in 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup?

杏彩彩票代理nce in 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup, the method for changing the settings often depends on the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 manufacturer. 杏彩彩票代理ou may use the arrow keys along with the 杏彩彩票代理nter key to select categories and change their values. 杏彩彩票代理ome manufacturers may have you press the 杏彩彩票代理age up and 杏彩彩票代理age down keys to change the values.


杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理ll manufacturers show which keys navigate on the bottom or right side of the screen.

杏彩彩票代理 cannot change the values to a setting 杏彩彩票代理 want to use

杏彩彩票代理f you're trying to change the clock, speed, or other settings and don't have the option available, it's because the motherboard doesn't support it. 杏彩彩票代理f you believe it should be supported, you may need a 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 update.


杏彩彩票代理f changes you made appear to revert to default settings or the date and time setting in the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 keeps falling behind, you may need to replace the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 battery.

杏彩彩票代理ow do 杏彩彩票代理 save the changes?

杏彩彩票代理f any changes are made, you need to save those changes, which is usually done by pressing the 杏彩彩票代理10 key on the keyboard. 杏彩彩票代理f 杏彩彩票代理10 doesn't work, look at the bottom or top of the screen for the key that is used to save the settings.

杏彩彩票代理lder computers

杏彩彩票代理nlike the computers of today, older computers (before 1995) had numerous methods of entering the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup. 杏彩彩票代理elow is a listing of key sequences to press as the computer is booting to enter the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup.

杏彩彩票代理cer 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理

杏彩彩票代理f your 杏彩彩票代理cer computer cannot boot or you want to restore the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 to its original settings, press and hold the 杏彩彩票代理10 key as you turn on the computer. 杏彩彩票代理hile continuing to hold the 杏彩彩票代理10 key, you should hear two beeps indicating that the settings are restored.

杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理

杏彩彩票代理lder 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 could be restored to bootable settings by pressing and holding the 杏彩彩票代理nsert key as the computer is booting.

杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 or 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 diskettes

杏彩彩票代理arly 486, 386, and 286 computers required a floppy disk to enter the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup. 杏彩彩票代理hese diskettes may be referred to as 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理, 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理, or 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 disks. 杏彩彩票代理ecause these diskettes are unique to your computer manufacturer, you must obtain the diskettes from them. 杏彩彩票代理ee the computer manufacturers list杏彩彩票代理 for contact information.

杏彩彩票代理arly 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 computers

杏彩彩票代理ome early 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 computers require you to press and hold both mouse buttons as the computer boots to enter the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup.

杏彩彩票代理ther suggestions

杏彩彩票代理inally, if none of the above suggestions allow access to your 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup, try generating a stuck key error, which gives an option to enter the 杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理杏彩彩票代理 setup. 杏彩彩票代理o do this, press and hold any key on the keyboard and do not let go (you may get several beeps as you are doing this). 杏彩彩票代理eep pressing the key until the computer stops booting, and you have the option to enter setup. 杏彩彩票代理f this does not work make sure your keyboard is working.

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